About Us

Company Introduction:

Solar Bina Engineering is established in 2015 specializing in solar system. However, our engineering team has been involved in the renewable energy industry since 2008. Due to our vast experience and professional knowledge in the solar system, we are currently one of the leading companies in the industry. Our expertise is in mounting structure system, building structural design and installation, solar system installation services, project management and etc. We have completed a wide range of projects including residential, commercial and large scale solar project, retrofit concept, BIPV system and ground mounted solar project. Please refer to our portfolio of projects for more details.

Our Mission:

- To implement new and innovative technology for Solar Mounting System.
- To replace and save natural resources.
- To introduce “GREEN” concept to the world.
- To reduce carbon dioxide to achieve micro emission.
- To increase building value.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to be the leader in the renewable energy industry through our expertise in technical planning and market knowledge, implementing aggressive strategies for growth, and synergizing with our business partners.